Death in the Stars

Short Story Collection (11 short)

Language: English 

Death is taboo. Death is incomprehensible, inexplicable; and, yet, inevitable.

The most ancient desire of humankind is to conquer death; we humans don’t see death as part of life. We want to play God, want to find a new direction in the eternal circle of life—or stop it altogether.

After publishing Cluster (“one of the best science fiction novels published from a Hungarian author” - Köki Terminal Bookshop), in Stephen Paul Thomas’s new short story collection, we can look deeply into the problem that the whole of humankind wants to solve: How can we live longer? In eleven short stories, we follow the characters through different paths to prolong their own lives or the lives of others. For some of them, the soul is a separate entity (a thing that can live without the body); for others, this is impossible—they still live and die as before, in sickness and in old age, some in sacrifice for others. In the big race, in the fight for long life, we can see the picture of a big cataclysm; the collective death.

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