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The skybus raced haplessly towards its inevitable fate on the Mars New Home Colony. A cop saves the passengers from death . . . but this is only the beginning. Alex Sverlov regains consciousness in the middle of the Indian Ocean with his leg tied to an anchor rope . . . but this is only the beginning.A new world power arises. The New China Empire conquered Asia in two regional atomic wars and is taking its place on the world stage . . . but this is only the beginning.

The M-epidemic starts to spread around the inhabited colonies in the Solar System . . . but this is still only the beginning of the story.
In this stunning and intricate conspiracy SF novel, the main characters find themselves in the cluster of a Solar System-wide epidemic, while even more powerful physical and spiritual forces are pulling the strings of their lives behind the scenes.
A new world, a new epidemic, but the conflicts are the same. You can only find out more about it if you place yourself into the middle of a cluster!

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404 page

ISBN13: 978-9638998507

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Editorial review>

Set in the same sci-fi world of his short stories (Death in the Stars), Stephen Paul Thomas’s new novel, Cluster, follows the outbreak of a deadly epidemic spiraling out of control and wreaking havoc through the solar system.

With a deft hand, Thomas explores the interrelated destinies of a rich cast of characters strewn across the planets and colonies, their fates inextricably bound by a dangerous mystery. This is a novel with scope, taking readers on a journey of intrigue, into breathtaking new vistas and the darkest regions of human ambition. 

But the heart of this story is in its characters, their race against time, disease, and the other unseen forces pulling the strings. If you like fast-paced stories with strikingly real characters, Cluster is for you! (Paige Duke, Copy Editor)

Readers' opinion>

One of the best SF in a long time from Hungarian author. (Koki terminal Bookshop, Hungary) *****

Breathtakingly exciting novel; an utopia, which could really happen, no question. The motivation of human behaviors like aggression, desires, unconditional obligation, prejudice are the essential part of the book and carried me along into a very believable reality. The ending isn't customary, that‘s why it's genial! (Olga Kovacs) *****

The Interesting world and the continous gripping could give a superb evening to the readers. Sadly just only one evening, because you won’t be able to put it down, and you’ll finish it! (Henrik Horvath) *****

Teaser> Cluster

Teaser> Cluster

Teaser> Cluster

Project> Making of the senninbari

When I started to write this book I decided that I will recreate a Senninbari, a Thousand Stich belt. I've seen lot of movies where Japanese soldiers used this belt and I wanted to see how does it look in reality. With a help of my wife, who made the thousand French stich one by one, this belt became a real masterpiece. Even my Japanese friend said, overcame by the belt: this is so real, like thepart of our history.

The senninbari> Facts

A Senninbari (千人針 thousand-person-stitches) or Thousand stitch belt is a strip of cloth, approximately one metre in length, decorated with 1000 stitches each made by a different woman, given as an amulet by women to soldiers on their way to war as a part of the Shinto culture of Imperial Japan.

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