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"One of the best SF books in a long time from a Hungarian author."
(Koki Termimal Bookshop - Budapest, Hungary)
Cluster : Unmei
"A fresh new voice in sci-fi. Hungarian author Stephen Paul Thomas transports you to stunning new worlds to explore age-old questions."
(Paige Duke - Copy editor)
Death in the Stars
Order from Amazon in kindle and paperback format, or from Kobobooks in Epub format!
"It is a very intelligent novel, one of the best its genre."
(Koki Termimal Bookshop - Budapest, Hungary)
The Seed - There are Other Worlds
Under translation to English!

Hungarian author Stephen Paul Thomas was born in Hungary in 1969. He started writing when he was 14 years old, mostly creating weird and fantastic short stories on his mother's typewriter. As the artist grew inside him, he looked for different means to express himself. He drew a lot and took up painting. He also created handmade jewels, and when the graphical platform arrived to the world of PCs, he started using programs too (including 3D Studio Max, Maya, Adobe package) to create his fantasy worlds.

He forgot writing for years until he finished school and became a teacher of history and literature. He eventually changed careers and now works as an air traffic control specialist in Brussels.

He is a qualified painter and 3D animator. When he finds the time, he creates 2D animations and stop-motion projects as well.

After problems with the translation of his first book, he began translating his latest books to English himself with the help and great work of native English speaker and copy editor Paige Duke. They hope their work will result in several thrilling books in the future, with God’s blessing.

Stephen also writes poetry and fine literature under his Hungarian name, István Tomasovszki

Stephen’s wife, Eva, helps correct the Hungarian versions of his stories, and she is the first test-reader too. She’s his biggest critic (and biggest fan), as well as a literature teacher, and an avid reader.  She can’t help but compare him with other writers, but it only makes his work stronger in the end.

Stephen dedicated his first books to his son, hoping he will one day love them (for now they’ll have to wait until after football).

Stephen's second helper (or right hand) is his dog, Franko. He consults a lot on each book, and, of course, he guards the manuscripts :) Usually, this work makes him dream.

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